Empowering Women in The Dental Industry at CDS: Stories To Tell

At Canadian Dental Services Corporation (CDS), our vision extends far beyond the horizon of conventional dental care in Canada. With a vast network of clinics spread across the nation, we are steadfast in our commitment to not only offering unparalleled dental services but also fostering professional development, enhancing clinical standards, and elevating the overall patient experience.

Our unwavering commitment to women’s empowerment in the dental industry is central to our narrative of success. We take immense pride in the fact that women are at the forefront of our operations, driving over 90% of our business and playing a crucial role in redefining the dental landscape across Canada. In alignment with International Women’s Day, we are honoured to showcase the inspiring stories of four distinguished women on the CDS team — Michelle, Leone, Sonni, and Jeanne. Each of their journeys is a testament to the power of resilience, leadership, and innovation in dentistry.

Join us in commemorating International Women’s Day as we highlight women’s extraordinary contributions and achievements within our sphere. Michelle, Leone, Sonni, and Jeanne’s narratives are more than just personal tales of growth; they stand as powerful examples of the enduring strength, creativity, and influence women contribute to the field of dentistry, lighting the path for generations to come.

Michelle Sheridan: A Journey of Growth and Leadership

Michelle Sheridan’s dental journey is a powerful transformation, mentorship, and leadership narrative. Starting in 2013 as a single mother of four, Michelle transitioned from managing a busy Tim Hortons to embarking on a career in dentistry, thanks to an opportunity presented by a regular customer. Her ascent from the call center at Able Family Dental to becoming a clinic manager epitomizes hard work and determination.

The acquisition of the clinic by CDS introduced her to Leone Nufrio, a mentor who played a pivotal role in Michelle’s growth. Under Leone’s guidance, Michelle honed her leadership and professional skills, culminating in her impactful role at Crowsnest Dental. Her story emphasizes the importance of mentorship, resilience, and the positive influence of supportive colleagues and mentors like Leone Nufrio and Sonni. Michelle’s advice? Enjoy the journey, seek mentorship, and embrace growth opportunities.

Jeanne: Blazing Trails and Inspiring Change

Jeanne’s path to dentistry navigated through various industries, including law, banking, software, and healthcare, before she found her calling in oral healthcare. Inspired by the growth opportunities within the DSO industry, Jeanne leveraged her education and experiences to become a significant contributor to the business side of dentistry.

Completing her MBA after her CPA designation, Jeanne transitioned from an accountant to a businesswoman, marking a pivotal moment in her career. Her role at CDS as a Chief Financial Officer allows her to build alongside a successful entrepreneur, contributing to a success story in real time. Jeanne’s advice for women starting in dentistry is to be humble, flexible, committed, and to pursue their passions relentlessly.

Sonni: Bridging Clinical Experience with Business Acumen

Embarking on a multifaceted journey through the medical and dental fields, Sonni found her true calling at the intersection of clinical practice and dental business management. Her varied experiences laid the groundwork for a profound understanding of both the clinical and business sides of dentistry. A pivotal encounter in 2016 with the COO of a dental service organization (DSO) marked a significant phase in Sonni’s career, fueling her passion for innovative dental care delivery in Canada. This connection not only expanded her knowledge but also opened doors to new opportunities within the industry.

As part of Canadian Dental Services (CDS), Sonni’s transition from regional management to her current leadership role as a Vice President, Clinical Growth, underscores her remarkable growth and the support she received from the senior leadership team. Her journey illustrates the power of collaboration and mentorship in achieving success, emphasizing the endless possibilities for women in dentistry who dare to innovate and lead.

Sonni’s advice underscores the importance of collaboration and continuous learning, urging those new to the industry to embrace the collective wisdom of their peers and mentors as a catalyst for growth and success.

Leone: A Journey of Growth, Mentorship, and Empowerment

Leone’s unexpected entry into dentistry began with a temporary position that quickly became a lifelong passion. Her career trajectory took her from Calgary to Toronto, where she navigated challenges and embraced opportunities for growth. Meeting Dr. McKean was a turning point, providing her with invaluable mentorship in dental trauma and business management. Leone’s experiences with Canadian Dental Services (CDS) and the transition under new ownership became a significant growth opportunity, transforming her career path. With support from senior leadership, particularly Sonni’s guidance and encouragement, Leone has been empowered to embrace new challenges and venture beyond her comfort zone. This support has been instrumental in her efforts to contribute to the development and training of new teams.

Her story is a testament to the importance of being open to learning and the transformative power of supportive collaborations.

Leone advises those starting in dentistry to always be open to listening and learning, emphasizing that there is always something new to learn from every situation and individual. She believes this mindset is crucial for continuous personal and professional development. She offers insightful advice for women embarking on their careers in dentistry.

CDS: A Beacon for Women in Dentistry

At CDS, our commitment to supporting the growth of our clinics and teams is unwavering. By focusing on improving how we deliver care, we foster an environment where our clinics thrive, our people flourish, and our doctors meet their professional aspirations. Our emphasis on women’s empowerment within the dental industry is not just about celebrating achievements; it’s about paving the way for future generations of women in dentistry to realize their full potential.

As we commemorate International Women’s Day, we reflect on women’s profound impact on the dental industry and within CDS. Their stories of resilience, innovation, and leadership inspire us all to strive for excellence and to continue supporting one another in our professional journeys.

To the women of CDS and the dental industry, your contributions are invaluable, your strength is commendable, and your potential is limitless. Together, we will continue to shape a brighter future for dental care in Canada.