Canadian Dental Services Corporation Announces the Acquisition of Davis Orthodontics, Canada’s premier orthodontic services platform

Toronto, Ontario – January 8th, 2024 – Canadian Dental Services Corporation (CDS), a leading participant in multi-dental office management across Canada, is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Davis Orthodontics, the premier orthodontic services network in Canada, with 13 branded clinics around the Greater Toronto Area. This strategic acquisition further cements CDS’s position at the forefront of the dental industry in Canada and is underpinned by CDS’s core, customer-obsessed strategy of bringing more dental services together under one roof for Canadians, with an emphasis on increasing both quality and convenience for its patients.

With its relentless focus on post-acquisition, long-term oriented improvements to the way its clinics operate and service patients, CDS is one of the few Dental Support Organizations in Canada with a consistent record of double-digit year-over-year organic growth over its 7 years since its inception. Bringing Davis Orthodontics into its portfolio enables it to bring even more value to its ‘patients for life’ mission, and the addition of the best ortho hands and processes in Canada opens up the opportunity to go even deeper in servicing its existing patient base through increased convenience and greater wallet-share.

“Having known Kevin for many years and watched the way he has strategically grown Davis Ortho to 13 clinics over the past 25+ years, I have always admired their long-term, patient-obsessed, service and quality-oriented mission. CDS has picked up a real gem in the dental industry in Canada, and by doing this, we are doubling down on our vision to bring more services, more choice and convenience, and more quality to our patients all across Canada…” says Jeremy D. Behar, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at CDS.

Orthodontic specialty services are projected to continue to see significant increases in demand and growth over the coming decades as more people choose to invest in their oral health, specifically straighter teeth. This acquisition positions CDS to be able to bring these services to its patients in a more seamless and integrated way in the future.

“For the past 50+ years, and initially under the leadership of my father Allan, our team has been laser-focused on doing the very best for our patients, and by doing so, we have been well rewarded by communities all across Southern Ontario. As we plan out the next chapter in Davis Ortho’s evolution, we couldn’t have picked a more disciplined operator, or more like-minded partner in Canada than CDS to entrust with our future. The below-the-radar approach to their work, their relentless dedication to moving each of their clinics forward, and their true vision for pushing their clinics to always do what’s best for the patient aligns with ours at Davis, and we believe it’s a winning combination. We’re ready and excited for the upcoming collaboration opportunities between each of our organization’s expertise and the multiplier of value that this will bring to our patients all across Canada…” says Dr. Kevin Davis, Chief Executive Officer of Davis Orthodontics.

Effective immediately, Dr. Kevin Davis will join the CDS Senior Leadership Team as Chief Clinical Officer, providing clinical guidance and oversight to the organization at all levels.

About Canadian Dental Services Corporation:
For over 7 years, Canadian Dental Services Corporation has been at the forefront of the evolving dental industry in Canada, focused primarily on organic growth through the improvement of its clinics over time. With a commitment to productivity, professional improvement, clinical excellence, and exceptional service delivery, CDS continues to redefine what is possible in the transformation of dental clinics in Canada.

About Davis Orthodontics:
Since its first clinic was founded in Richmond Hill, Ontario, over 50 years ago by Dr. Allan Davis, Davis Orthodontics has led the way in Canada in the category of high-touch, high-quality orthodontic services for patients, which has led the company to grow steadily and consistently over the past 5 decades. Led by Dr. Kevin Davis, the company employs the best-trained orthodontists and staff, and its focus on doing what’s right for its patients has led to many years of loyal referrals from dentists, our patients, and our communities. Today, the company operates 13 clinics, all under the Davis Orthodontics banner, and provides its patients unparalleled convenience through technology, people, and its geographic footprint.

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