Canadian Dental Services is dedicated to partnering with dentists across Canada to drive professional improvement, increase clinical excellence, enhance the dental patient experience, and improve practice performance. We provide best-in-class support to dentists and their in-office teams, enabling high-quality dental patient care and industry-leading customer service.

We’re the only ones in Canada who have been dedicated to helping dentists for over 20 years, with a deep understanding of what works and what doesn’t work inside a dental office.

One of the things that separates CDS from some other DSOs is our focus on supporting the growth of our existing clinics year over year. In order to stay relevant and thrive well into the future, the bulk of our attention and resources are aimed at improving how we deliver care to our communities across Canada. And when we do this well, our community rewards us with loyalty, which keeps our clinics busy, our people productive, and our doctors achieving their goals.

CDS provides strategic leadership training and educational resources for team development.


We are a community and market leader because we prioritize our dental patients. We help our patients get healthy by providing the highest quality clinical experience during every visit, with no exceptions.


We provide a premium experience that leads the industry by leveraging the best practices that allow dental offices to run efficiently and effectively. Our dentistry teams have exceptional communication and customer service skills, which allows us to exceed client expectations and deliver the best clinical outcomes consistently.

Unrivaled expertise in dental office real estate consulting provided by Canadian Dental Services (CDS).


We believe that a great employee experience leads to a great dental patient experience. Our culture is our strategy. It is the glue that binds everything together to ensure outcomes are consistent and sustainable for the benefit of our people and our dental patients. We are a learning culture, which means that we continuously invest in our people and dental teams and are committed to a cycle of teaching, learning, and doing.