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Team Spotlight: Renita Millar, Dental Administration at PerioPartners (Edmonton)

Team Spotlight: Renita Millar, Dental Administration at PerioPartners (Edmonton)

Team Spotlight: Renita Millar, Dental Administration at PerioPartners (Edmonton)

For her longevity, commitment to client care, and outstanding administrative support, CDS thanks Renita Millar for her commitment to our organization.


Tell us about your role at PerioPartners and how you got here:
I began my career in reception and administration at PerioPartners almost two decades ago in 2004. I’ve called this clinic my home since then, and I’m incredibly grateful for the chance to continue learning so many different aspects of the job.

As a long-standing employee at PerioPartners, I’ve enjoyed continuously learning various facets of the job, from the ins and outs of periodontal treatment to the parts of administrative work that help me understand what it takes to run a successful dental practice.

How has being a part of the PerioPartners and CDS team developed your career?
I’ve had a chance to learn about the dental industry, beyond checklists and administrative work, which has been a significant value-add to my career. I’ve also had a chance to support the PerioPartners’ hygiene program rollout, developing my skillsets even further and my knowledge of the many roles that exist within the dental industry. CDS has provided me with these opportunities for professional development, and I’m grateful for it.

What does being a part of the CDS team mean to you?
Being a part of the CDS team has provided me with opportunities for learning beyond what I initially expected. Ideas are encouraged, and a space to have one-on-one dialogue with management is often available to us. I’m grateful for the chance to work on company-wide or clinic-wide programs and initiatives, and I look forward to even more learning opportunities, and chances to work with the CDS team, in the months and years ahead.

Renita Millar works in our dental administration team at PerioPartners, located in Edmonton, Alberta. To learn more about PerioPartners, we invite you to visit their website at www.periopartners.com.


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