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Manager Spotlight: Michelle Sheridan, Team Lead (Administration) at Able Family Dental

Manager Spotlight: Michelle Sheridan, Team Lead (Administration) at Able Family Dental

Manager Spotlight: Michelle Sheridan, Team Lead (Administration) at Able Family Dental

For her demonstrated commitment to clinical leadership and administrative support, CDS thanks Michelle Sheridan for her commitment to our organization.

Tell us about your role at Able Family Dental and how you got here:
Prior to joining Able Family, I was a manager in the retail industry, where I acquired the important leadership and relational skills needed to manage a team. In my earlier years at Able Family, I provided clinical administrative support to our busy practice, through treatment coordinating and managing our scheduling strategy.

More recently, my career at Able Family has escalated me to a team lead in administration, which allowed me to utilize the management skills I developed earlier in my career. I have been with Able Family for over eight years, and I look forward to the continued growth and development of our clinic.

What does being a leader mean to you?
It means staying dedicated to my team and the success of the business. My role as a team lead at Able Family has demonstrated that dedication and solid efforts, from both management and staff, strongly supports the ability for the clinic to go the extra mile, to reach, and go beyond, its potential. I’ve remained motivated to supporting the growth of our clinic, and I do so by encouraging my team, dedicating a significant portion of my time to creating structures of support that assist staff with achieving their personal and professional goals.

What does being a part of the CDS team mean to you?
It means that your efforts and your role are a part of a bigger team and initiative across Canada, which is an incredibly exciting thought. It allows greater access to mentorship, continuing education, and a network of other administrative staff across the country who are available to share best practices and build further relationships. I consider myself fortunate to have this network of professional relationships available to our clinic.

Michelle Sheridan manages Able Family in Lethbridge, Alberta. To learn more about Able Family, we invite you to visit their website at www.ablefamilydental.com.

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