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For Dentists

If you are a practice-owning dentist who believes you could be happier focusing virtually all of your time on clinical dentistry as opposed to running the practice, let’s talk.

Are you a dental hygienist, dental assistant, treatment coordinator, or a trained dental office manager? Are you looking to join a dental company that will provide you with a great working environment, the best-in-class compensation and benefits, surround you with great people and ongoing developmental support where you’re treated fairly and with respect? Learn more about a dental careers with us – let’s talk.

Are you relatively new to the dental industry? Are you headed down the traditional path of either buying a dental practice, or alternatively, starting up a practice? There is finally now a third great option: join a dental organization that enables you to realize personal and professional goals within a great environment. Experience generous remuneration with ongoing mentorship and developmental support, without the administrative and economic burdens of supporting your own operation alone. Contact us to learn more about your career in dental.


  • Our leaders have been dedicated to supporting the dental industry for over 20 years.
  • Members of our dental organization are considered the leading authorities on matters pertaining to the business of dentistry; and are still being asked to lecture to study clubs, national dental conventions, and dental schools all across Canada and the United States.
  • CDS people – in all our departments from finance to practice support, to purchasing, to real estate support – have all worked in the dental industry for many, many years. They didn’t just show up in dental from other industries with no knowledge of how things work in the dental industry.
  • We are experts at working with our dental partners, one by one, to build a customized in-practice support program that ensures that our dentists achieve their goals and succeed. After years of consulting to dentists, our team members are experts at being good listeners, enabling us to hear what you want to shape a program to make you and your family happy.
  • Be the best. Empower yourself to become an industry leader in both the community and industry.
  • Improve patient relationships. Grow and nurture authentic patient relationships while providing them with quality care and a positive patient experience.
  • Gain peace of mind and confidence knowing that all aspects of your business will be optimized by a proven, systematic process of dental excellence.
  • Shift administrative time to clinical time (60% to 90%). Enjoy what you do, longer.
  • Improve quality of life. Spend more time with your with family and realize your dreams.
  • Spend less time worrying about balancing the books, hiring and training dental staff, ordering equipment and supplies, putting together a marketing strategy, and more.
  • Attain professional and personal growth and realize your goals.