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CDS Lecture at U of A School of Dentistry

CDS Lecture at U of A School of Dentistry

We were delighted to have been invited to lecture at the University of Alberta School of Dentistry on Friday, February 4, 2017 on the topic of “Demystifying Corporate Dentistry: The New Model”.


  • The Dental Industry in Canada.
  • Weighing career options in dental: Associating with a small/solo or large group practice, buying/building a dental practice, specializing, public health, corporate dentistry.
  • Corporate Dentistry: Positioning the doctor in the center of clinical excellence, patient relationships, proven business systems, and cutting-edge dental technology to improve the delivery of dental services from dentists to their support staff and patients.
  • Dental Services Organizations (DSOs): The consolidation of practices under “one umbrella”.
  • Associate Development Programs: How more dentists are looking for permanent careers.
  • How dental patients benefit from corporate dentistry.
  • Shared Support Services in DSOs: HR, new customer acquisition and retention, financing/accounting, real estate, IT and systems, leadership and clinical training, purchasing.
  • How DSOs shift admin time to clinical time.
  • The benefits of corporate dentistry, working for a DSO, and what they offer dentists and their staff.
  • Transitioning/retiring dentists and DSOs.

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