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Canadian Dental Services is dental company dedicated to partnering with dentists across Canada to drive professional improvement, increase clinical excellence, enhance the patient experience and improve practice performance. We do this by providing best in class support to dentists and their in-office teams, enabling high quality patient care and industry leading customer service.

We’re the only ones in Canada who have been dedicated to helping dentists for over 20 years, with a deep understanding of what works and what doesn’t work inside a dental practice.

CDS didn’t just show up in the dental industry; our team members have been considered leading authorities in the business of dentistry for over 2 decades in both Canada and the United States. We’ve lectured to tens of thousands of dentists, and have helped even more realize both personal and professional goals by gaining more control over their practices. But don’t take our word for it; ask your colleagues about our dental company.

We love dentistry, and our dental partners share the same passion. That is why we are dedicated to helping you be even better than you currently are. With our dental team’s support, your practice will flourish as we carefully lift the burden of administration and management from your shoulders, along with the stresses that come with it every day.

Our strategic practice management systems and educational resources for dentists are designed to shift admin time to clinical time (60% – 90%), so that you can refocus your in-office time and energy on clinical dentistry. This is what you do best; we take care of the rest, because we are your partners in dental.

We’ve raised the bar. CDS is concentrated on bringing the focus back to the core fundamentals of dentistry, putting the dentist in the centre of it all, arming our dental partners with strategic management support systems and educational resources to improve quality of life, and facilitate personal and professional growth. Our strategic systems take a forward-thinking, collaborative approach to create a supportive and superior business environment to surpass all current industry standards.

We source, hire, train and develop the best-in-class dental professionals – administrative and clinical support staff – in canada, with complete in-field support and the best players on deck. Looking for a new career in dental? Click to visit our dental careers page.


CDS arms you with strategic management support systems and educational resources to improve quality of life, and facilitate personal and professional growth.

Human Resources
Our knowledgeable dental HR professionals will source, train and develop the best-in-class administrative and clinical staff for your team.

New Patient Acquisition and Retention
Attract new patients and retain existing ones with our team of knowledgeable dental marketing, customer acquisition and retention experts.

Dental Finance/Accounting
Refocus your time on quality patient care by allowing our experts in dental finance to manage the books and optimize the business for you.

Dental Office Real Estate
With extensive experience in commercial real estate consulting and advisory for dentists, our dental team provides unrivaled expertise in real estate matters.

IT & Systems
We implement the most effective and innovative technologies and IT solutions for our partners, designed to optimize processes and increase productivity.

Leadership & Clinical Training
Committed to quality, we provide greater opportunities for your team to grow and develop their skills with educational resources and strategic leadership training.



  • Our leaders have been dedicated to supporting the dental community for over 20 years.
  • Members of our dental company are considered leading authorities on matters pertaining to the business of dentistry, and are still being asked to lecture to study clubs, national dental conventions, and dental schools all across Canada and the United States.
  • The CDS team, in all of our departments ranging from finance to practice support, purchasing to real estate, have all worked in the dental industry for many, many years.
  • We are experts at working with our dental partners, one by one, to build customized in-practice support programs that ensure our dentists achieve their goals and succeed.
  • After years of consulting to dentists, members of our team are the experts at being good listeners, enabling us to hear what you want to shape a program to make you and your family happy.


  • Empower yourself to become an industry leader in both the dental community and industry.
  • Improve patient relationships. Grow and nurture authentic patient relationships while providing them with quality care and a positive patient experience.
  • Gain peace of mind and confidence knowing that all aspects of your  dental business will be optimized by a proven, systematic process of excellence.
  • Shift administrative time to clinical time (60% to 90%). Enjoy what you do, longer.
  • Improve quality of life; spend more time with your with family, and realize your dreams.
  • Spend less time worrying about balancing the books, hiring and training staff, dental practice management, ordering equipment and supplies, putting together a dental marketing strategy, and more.
  • Attain professional and personal growth.